SafeWind Technical Specifications

Master Unit

Hardware Platform Intel Celeron Computer minimum 2Gigabyte processor 120 Gbyte Hard-disk memory, LCD 19 inch
Software Operating System WINDOWS XP Professional
Cycle Time 2 milliseconds max - typically 1 ms

Slave Unit - Processor System

Hardware Platform

Single Board Industrial Controller complete with 2 gigabyte compact flash

LCD 15 inch

Cycle Time Typically 1 milliseconds
Response Time Typically 2 milliseconds
Digital Inputs Maximum 96
Digital Outputs Maximum 8
Timer Resolution 100us - accuracy 10ppm
Distance Measurement  (Notes)

1 part in 500 of the nominal drum diameter

Typically 0.25% of the drum circumference

Speed Measurement (Notes)

Better than 0.05 m/s actual rope speed

Typically 0.5% of maximum speed

Acceleration Measurement (Notes)

Better than 0.1 m/s2 actual rope acceleration

Typically 1% of maximum acceleration

Storage Capacity

User defined on a wrap around basis

Maximum - 60 days with 2 Gigabyte Compact flash

Communications RS232/RS485 115200 Baud Rate
Operator Interface Monitor 15 inch
Configuration Via master system only using serial communication link


  • Using an encoder with a resolution of 500 pulses per revolution of the drum
  • Includes compensation for the rope thickness, number of coils per layer and the starting number of coils on the top layer


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