SafeWind Functions

Bell recording and interpretation

When SAFEWIND® is set up, all bell signal patterns are recorded on a database. In the live environment, the expected bell sequences are compared to the actual signals received, allowing the system to monitor direction of travel. If the bell sequences deviate from those expected or from the correct timing, the system can produce an alarm condition, in accordance with the client’s specifications: warning, exception or critical, or any combination thereof. Thus the correct direction of travel is always applied and any drum malfunction is identified early.

Continuous tight and slack monitoring

The Continuous Tight and Slack Rope system regularly measures rope load against a predetermined value and trips the rope or alarms the driver when the deviation exceeds a pre-set limit, ensuring maximum safety is maintained. Rope load is sensed using strain gauge transducers and signals are amplified into voltage signals which are captured by the SAFEWIND® Data Acquisition Unit.


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